Information about my DreamColor display

I just wanted to post this information about the display I have in my HP8730w. It’s a DreamColor display, and it seems that a few people have had problems with a red shadow in the lower left corner. I, however, don’t have that kind of problem.
Here’s details about my display:

Manufacturer: LGD
Description: LP171WU5-TLB1
Plug and Play ID: LGD0169
Manufacture Date: Week 21, 2008
EDID Revision: 1.4
Display Type and Signal: Digital
Timing Recommendation: 1920x 1200 @60Hz
Screen Size: 370 x 230 mm (~17”)
Display Gamma: 2.20
Red Chromaticity: Rx 0.640 – Ry 0.330
Green Chromaticity: Gx 0.210 – Gy 0.710
Blue Chromaticity: Bx 0.150 – By 0.060
White Point (default): Wx 0.313 – Wy 0.329

HP LG Display Information

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