How to upgrade your existing hard disk in Windows Vista without losing data (Part 2)

Here is the second part of complete PC backup/restore post. In this part I will cover the restore process. The first part is here.

Now, it is time to upgrade your hardware, and put in that new hard disk. After you have done that, put your Windows Vista boot DVD in your DVD drive and start up the PC. Make sure that your PC’s BIOS is set to boot from your DVD drive. Below are 9 screen shots showing each step in the process.

[A screen shot of the first boot screen when you boot with your Windows Vista DVD.

This is the first boot screen.

A screen shot showing the screen were you set your language preferences.

  • Select your language

A screen shot showing install or repair.

  • Select the repair option.

Screen shot showing the Recovery Tools options.

  • Click on the Windows Complete PC Restore option.

Screen shot showing the scanning for backup disks.

  • Scanning for restore images.

Screen shot showing the backup image found.

  • Restore image found. Click Next.

Screen shot showing the the restore is ready to begin.

  • Click Finish.

Screen shot showing that you must cofirm that your hard disk will be formatted.

  • Put a checkmark to confirm that your C:\ will be formatted.

Screen shot showing restore in progress.

  • Restore in progress.

After the restore is finished, your PC will reboot. After that you have a fully restored PC.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • You can’t restore a 64bit image to a x86 booted system. (Or vice versa.)

If you try, you will get a dialog similar to this:

A screen shot showing the error message you will get when trying to restore a 64 bit image to a 32bit booted Windows PE.

  • Windows Vista may be in a de-activated state after restore, so you may have to activate your license again after the restore.
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