CATALYST install manager has stopped working

CATALYST install manager has stopped working

On my desktop PC, I have an ATI graphics card and Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit. For the good part of the last 12 months of new ATI drivers, this error: CATALYST install manager has stopped working,  has plagued me when I have tried to install new updated drivers.

I have finally found a solution to get rid of this error. Here are the steps:

Warning! Do this at your own risk, I can’t held responsible for if this works on your PC or not, nor if something screws up.

  1. Start the Task Manager and kill all processes that has the name of ATI*

  2. Go to Control Panel – Device Manager and expand the Display adapters node. Right click the RADEON* item and select Uninstall. Be sure to select the “Delete the driver software for this device”.

  3. Uninstall all ATI drivers and Control Center entries in the Control Panel –> Program and features.

  4. Install the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility. After the software is installed, start it from C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Installer Clean Up\msicuu.exe.Find and select all entries that has the name of “ATI” and “Catalyst Control Center” and select Remove.

  5. Install the CCleaner utility. Start it and clear any entries that has the name of “ATI” or “Catalyst Control Center”.

  6. Open a Command Prompt as an Administrator. Change directory to C:\Windows and delete all ATI.dll>Del ati.cll /s

  7. Start Regedit, find all things named ATI and delete those entries.

  8. Reboot.

  9. Execute your downloaded ATI drivers/Control Center package. When the first dialog appears, click Cancel.

  10. Open a Command Prompt as an Administrator. Go to the location of where the files where extracted and find ATISETUP.EXE. (in my case C:\ATI\SUPPORT\8-12_vista64_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_72276\Driver\Bin64)

  11. Start the ATISETUP.EXE software with the following arguments: ATISetup.EXE –install –output SCREEN

  12. Wait for it to finish and then reboot.

Now your system should of the latest Catalyst drivers and utilities installed. Good luck.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.